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BCI Game Jam 2021

Ever wanted to build a BCI game? Looking to flex your game dev muscles to promote accessible gaming? Join us for a jam weekend like none other! Focused on BCI accessible game development you'll get support from experts in BCI, accessible technology and game development in the #BCIGameJam2021!

Extra Life Events!

Extra Life Game Stream!

Curious how a BCI game can be developed? Joining forces with Extra Life YYC and Extra Life 4 Kids, we design, discuss and build a brand new game for BCI in 48 hours - live on stream! #ForTheKids

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BCI Game Jam 2019

Brain + Computer = Controller. The Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Game Jam 2019 challenged developers across North America to create new gaming experiences uniquely designed for BCI users in just 48 hours.

Bridging gaps for developers.
Empowering players.

  • BCI integration & control directly in game
    Accessibility driven through game design
    Custom-built solutions for developers
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Gaming is for everyone. Let's make that a reality, together.

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Designing New BCI Games Just Got Easier

Developer tools
Example Games
Verified by Experts
Compatibility Testing
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This Webflow Template Will Make Your Life Easier

Two-Factor Authentication
CMS Collection Tips & Tricks
Copying And Pasting Between Projects
Element Hierarchy

Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

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Creative Crew

Kyle Summerfield

Founding Partner - Lead Game Designer

Eli Kinney-Lang

Founder & CEO, Lead BCI Director

Matt Kuruvilla

Founding Partner

Erica Floreani

Associate Partner - BCI Dev & Design

Erik Mitchell

Founding Partner - Jr. Game Dev & Marketing

Dion Kelly

Associate Partner - BCI Support & Business Analyst

Choose the Right Access for Your Interest

Just want to play some new accessible games? We got you covered!
Have a stellar idea you want to see come to life? Get in touch!
Interested in getting into BCI game development yourself? Deal!

  • Access to Library of Games
  • New games added regularly
  • Verified working for BCI*
  • Access to BCI set-up & support
  • Direct download the Games you want today!
*Verified for limited systems. Support available for adapting to alternative bCIs.
  • Access to Expert Team
  • Custom Build Your Next Game
  • Real-time feedback, updates and consultation
  • Expert BCI & Game Devs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Access to BCI Tools & Systems
  • Game Engine Integration
  • Latest builds & SDK access
  • BCI Integration & Support
  • Game Design & BCI Consultation
  • 24/7 Full Support

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